For anyone that claims family tax credits you know how damn complicated the paperwork is. I completely went into meltdown recently when I thought I was losing a considerable amount of money because Noel had left school.

I am not good at reading forms and when I went and read the form again a few weeks after the meltdown I realised I needed to TELL THEM which college and course he was going on so that I could still claim benefits.

I also forgot that my earnings have plummeted this year and I had moved down into the lower working hours bracket. So I phoned them up and estimated my earnings and I assumed it was put right. But then I got a letter with the new information and half of it was wrong………. So I wrote to them…….

Word of advice…….read your tax credit details VERY carefully and follow up with a letter reinforcing what you told them on the phone if you need to change anything.

ALSO……TALK TO PEOPLE. My neighbour suggested I apply for housing benefit as I am on a low income at the moment. I really don’t want to live on benefits…..I would prefer to earn my own money and be able to support myself. But life is difficult and if the help is there ASK. Its not a case of pride. If you know you can turn it around and get the job you want you will do it. But don’t be too proud to ask for help. Check out your local council web sites and also the Government benefits pages. Even the best and greatest people have tough times.