I don’t really want this blog to be all about food. It’s just that
purchasing food seems to be what I do the most and it is my biggest
bill. The chips are down financially (no pun intended) and, when
that has been the case in the past, food shopping is always the first
to get hit. I am a little tired of TV programmes promoting the
“cooking-from-scratch” and “shop well for less” idea and,
much as I like Jamie Oliver, his thirty minute meals cook book
required me to buy a load of equipment that I couldn’t afford. To
prove my point I went out and bought the ingredients to make my own
pizza bases and toppings. I quite enjoyed the process of making them
with Hayley and, as the photo suggests, they were full of
promise…..but when they came out of the oven they had ballooned,
the mozzarella was a river and there was no taste there at all. Now
there are massive slices of the stuff taking up most of the fridge.
I’m vegan but tried the dough and it was a bitter disappointment.

you are going to experiment Mum can you do it at lunch time and not
at dinner. And if you do, can you warn me.” Noel suggested.

Hayley patted me on the arm “It’s OK mum, you tried your best, you
always do…it’s just this time you didn’t succeed.

Noel was bothered about the waste and said he would eat it cold later
on in the evening……..It’s still in the fridge. I suppose I shall have to filter
bits to Ollie over the next few days. He already had his eyes on it
last night and wouldn’t go for a pee until I’d given him a taste. He
can sniff out a leftover from miles off. He’s easy to please.

The home made baked beans were amazing though. Although it is
cheaper to buy a tin from Aldi and, next time I shall just pop over
the road to Asda and get two Pizzas for a quid each because, at least
I know they will be eaten.

Now I need to find a use for a large bag of bread flour and some left
over yeast. I can’t even give it to my ex-husband, who is an artisan
baker. He only uses organic, locally milled flour. The kids are too
old for me to turn it into Play-dough.

Cutting corners is difficult. Cheaper toilet roll is useless as well.